Outdoor Conservation Tips

Half of Residential Water Use is Outdoors. Accordingly, this is one of the easiest places to start reducing water use.

Water Plants and Lawns Efficiently.
Did you know that most people overwater their landscaping? Too much water harms plants and wastes water. Most Water is wasted in months prior to or just after the rainy season when intermittent rains occur. Visit www.waterwisesb.org to learn more about how to adjust your irrigation schedule.

Water Landscaping During Non-Daylight Hours.
Set your timer for the early morning or late evening for best results. For more information visit the irrigation section at www.waterwisesb.org.

Adjust Sprinklers and Timers and Stop Leaks.
Check your sprinklers and timers monthly to save time and water. Adjust your sprinkler for proper aim and check for clogged nozzles. If you water by hand, set a timer to remember to move the sprinkler promptly. If you have an older irrigation system as much as 75% of your water can be lost to leaks.

Plant Water Saving Plants.
Water Wise Gardening in Santa Barbara County is a website with virtual garden tours and a plant database with examples of water saving plants. This information is also available on a PC-compatible CD-ROM. Call the District at 964-6761 for more information.

Consider Installing a Graywater System.
Laundry to Landscape graywater systems save precious potable water resources and provide sustainable landscape irrigation. For more information, go to http://waterwisesb.org/LandscapeIdeas.aspx.

Replace Old and Inefficient Sprinkler Heads with Efficient Rotating Nozzles.
For more information go to: www.waterwisesb.org/landscape.aspx?id=444.

Try the Santa Barbara County Landscape Watering Calculator
It is easy, fun and will help you optimize your sprinklers for your specific plants. Use the landscape watering calculator at www.waterwisesb.org as a guide to adjust your irrigation schedule.

Choose Native Plants and Use Water-Smart Landscaping Design.
A water-smart garden features plants that do well in our local environment. These plants can be beautiful and use less water. And plan your plants, irrigation and design for maximum water savings and plant health. Watch the Garden Wise TV show, co-sponsored by the Goleta Water District. Visit http://waterwisesb.org/GardenWiseTV/ for more information. DVDs of the show may also be borrowed from the library.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch.
A two- or three-inch layer of shredded wood or other mulch slows evaporation, cools and protects the soil and keeps down weeds. And it looks great, too. The County of Santa Barbara offers free mulch to area residents. Visit www.lessismore.org/Programs/mulch.html for more information.

Consider a "Smart" Irrigation Controller.
New technology exists to help you irrigate your landscape efficiently. Visit www.waterwisesb.org to learn more.

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Additional Resources:
  • For regional water conservation information, go to www.WaterWiseSB.org.
  • For statewide water conservation information, go to Save Our Water.
  • To read more about District water supply planning, click here.
  • Contact us by email at Turn on Javascript! or call the District at 805-964-6761.