Water Supply

A Diverse Water Supply Portfolio

Goleta Valley has a semi-arid climate marked by periods of drought alternating with periods of moderate to heavy rainfall. Using a variety of water sources to meet customer demands is vital in this dry environment. Accordingly, the District has invested heavily in water supply development and infrastructure to create a healthy water supply portfolio from four distinct water sources – Lake Cachuma, the Goleta Groundwater Basin, recycled water, and imported water from the State Water Project. The District has approximately 16,500 AFY of water available for the service area in an average year and access to additional groundwater and State Water under certain circumstances. Access to these diverse water supplies coupled with the community’s commitment to conservation allows the District to meet the water demands of 87,000 residential, commercial, and agricultural customers in the Goleta Valley.

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  Lake Cachuma Water
  Imported Water
  Recycled Water